They told me I was crazy to guarantee every single radio commercial we produce

Here’s what I propose: when you hire us to write, tweak, cast, direct, record, edit, mix, dupe or deliver your radio campaign, we will take all of the risk. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our work or you don’t pay anything.

The so-called experts said, “You can’t guarantee a creative product like a radio commercial. People will take advantage of you. You’ll go broke! You’re crazy!”


But crazy like a fox.

Here’s my thinking: you may be inspired by what Hedquist Productions could do for your next project - but hiring outside services - especially for the first time - can be risky. I figure that if I take all the risk, you’re more likely to try us. If you try us, chances are you’ll become a repeat client.

My experience is that most people are honest. I’ll bet you are too. I think that if we give you our best you’ll be happy and be thrilled to pay us well for our work.

“Our clients were absolutely delighted with your commercial.”

“We just returned from playing the newest commercial you produced for us. And the client was -- once again -- absolutely delighted.

Your copy and concept, your voice talent, your production prowess, and your wonderful sense of timing and appropriateness all continue to serve us well. More than that, the client is enjoying a record sales year and their stock is reaching new highs on the New York Exchange.”

Don Reed, Neal & Reed Communications, Nashville, TN

Plus, considering our experience - there’s not as much risk as you might think:

  • The radio commercials we’ve created have won over 700 awards from all over the world. That alone means nothing. But...
  • All those award winners have delivered strong bottom-line results for the advertisers. That’s what really matters.
  • I’ve worked with clients, agencies, producers and broadcasters in 44 states and a couple of countries for decades.
  • My hundreds of seminars and workshops for advertisers and broadcasters have drawn rave reviews.
  • My articles are featured in Radio World, Radio Ink, Radio And Production, Radio & Records, Small Market Radio Newsletter, and All About Country.
  • Over 7,000 marketers, advertisers and broadcasters subscribe to my newsletter “Radio Hed Lines”.
  • I consult on commercials for some of the most successful broadcast groups and advertising agencies in the world.

When you use Hedquist Productions you may pay a little more. We’re not the cheapest radio experts in the world, but we’re certainly not the most expensive either.

“It’s easy to be inexpensive.”

“It’s easy to be inexpensive. All it takes is charging less for what you do. But it’s much harder to be inexpensive and good. Hedquist Productions is one of the few production companies I’ve worked with that accomplishes both.

Their production capabilities and voice talent are as good as there are anywhere, but most importantly they pride themselves in their ability to plus a project - something increasingly rare among broadcast production companies of any size, anywhere.

I used to believe that the only place top-quality voice talent and production existed was Los Angeles or New York, but Fairfield, Iowa? Well, no. Now I know better.”

- Stacy Hanson, Gustin & Nakamoto Advertising, Reno, NV

So, you’re considering having us write, tweak, cast, direct, record, edit, mix, dupe and deliver your radio campaign ... or just have us do just some of those things. You’ve listened to some of our samples and were inspired.

But you wonder (everyone does), “What will they do with MY project?”

Here’s an example of a typical 8-step process when we work together:

  1. We gather the information we’ll need to create for you and your client. We make sure we both agree on the objectives, budget and payment schedule.
  2. We write your campaign from scratch or tweak your copy.
  3. We cast the voices from our extensive talent pool.
  4. We schedule the recording, including anyone necessary for approval.
  5. We direct or co-direct the talent, depending on your preference.
  6. We get select (or create) music and sound effects.
  7. We edit, mix and send you MP3s.
  8. We make requested changes, dupe and distribute the finished project.

At each of these steps we check to make sure we have your approval on what we’ve done so far. This avoids any unpleasant surprises and allows us both to catch early anything that doesn’t sound right.

Let me say it again. We are willing to take all the risk. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our work or you don’t pay anything - no talent charges, no casting charges, no studio charges, no shipping charges - nothing.

With thousands of successful projects completed for hundreds of clients in 44 states we feel confident that you’ll be happy with our work on your project. That’s why we check in with you at every step of the process from the initial concept to the finished product to make sure you’re satisfied.

If there’s ever a problem at any step in the process, we’ll work to make it right by rewriting, or recasting, or re-recording, etc. Whatever it takes. In the unlikely instance that we can’t satisfy you, we’ll refund any advance payments and you won’t owe us anything.

Not a dime.


“Unfailingly superior”

It’s that ineffable quality that grabs your attention and compels you to listen, regardless of whether you’re part of the target demographic. It’s also that commanding sense that something funny or heart-warming or interesting may be about to happen, and you want to be there when it does.

While the depth of presence may vary with each spot I write, I’m always confident that it’ll show through when I’m working with Hedquist Productions. Maybe that’s because I know the voice talent and production quality will be unfailingly superior. Maybe it’s because Jeffrey and his group are so easy and fun to work with, from casting to engineering to ordering dubs. Or maybe it’s because someone will be sure to ask the right questions about strategy, audience and message, looking for ways to make the spot even better.

-Bill Johnston, Quantum Creative Services, Kansas City, MO

Does our money-back guarantee sound fair?

If so, call me at 800-472-6708 or email me at to discuss your next project.

Jeffrey Hedquist

P.S. Our money-back guarantee applies not only to radio commercials, but also television soundtracks, original music, sound design for visual media, telephone “on-hold” messages, audiobooks and audio marketing.

“There is no comparison to Jeffrey Hedquist”

“If you’re looking for consistently creative and inventive ways of writing radio commercials, there is no comparison to Jeffrey Hedquist. Using humor, theatrical staging, drama, contrasts, sound and silence, Jeffrey has the ability to rivet listeners to messages and compel them to act. His work defines the term “competitive advantage.”

Jeff Green, former editor, Radio & Records

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