Here’s a 100% Guaranteed Totally Risk Free Offer from Jeffrey Hedquist . . .

Get a one-hour HedStorm Consultation and don’t pay me until afterwards (and ONLY if you decide it’s worth every penny).

How much could you profit from an hour with me concentrating on creating solutions, campaigns, commercials and success for your clients?

I’d like to make you an offer that you’re not going to get from any other radio consultant in North America.

I’d like to invite you to ethically take advantage of me.

Here’s the deal: you invite me to do a one-hour HedStorm consultation for your team (up to six people). You provide your credit card information (or a check if you prefer), but I hold off charging you or cashing the check until after the consultation.

At the end of the hour, I will insist your team evaluate my performance. If - and ONLY if you and your team members feel our time together was worth every penny, then I will accept payment from you. If not, and you are the SOLE JUDGE of this, then I will offer you two very fair ways to make it right.

  • I’ll give you another 30 minutes at no charge focused on the areas that you felt we missed. Again, you must be satisfied.
  • Or...

  • I’ll cheerfully not charge your credit card or I’ll return your un-cashed check to you.

How can I help you?

You recognize that there are some areas of your business that could use some expert turbo-charged creative/selling input.

That’s where my skills and experience come in.

  • I’m not a theorist - The commercials I’ve created have won over 700 awards from all over the world.
  • That alone means nothing. But...all those award winners have delivered strong bottom-line results for the advertisers. That’s what really matters.
  • I’ve worked with clients, agencies, producers and broadcasters in 44 states and a couple of countries for decades.
  • My hundreds of seminars and workshops for advertisers and broadcasters have drawn rave reviews.
  • My articles are featured in Radio World, Radio Ink, Radio And Production, Radio & Records, Small Market Radio Newsletter, and All About Country.
  • My newsletter “Radio Hed Lines” is subscribed to by over 7,000 people
  • I consult for some of the most successful broadcast groups and advertising agencies in the world.

“Thanks for helping me grow my business.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the consultation. The client we discussed is one that I have been educating on the use of Radio and after our conversation I felt there are so many more ideas I can discuss with them. Being in the business for 12 years I really learned a lot in our minutes together.

“I really appreciated you showing me the things that I’ve done right and the things that just needed a little bit of tweaking. You place things in such a simple concept that it’s easy to understand. I also could tell you enjoy helping others succeed by sharing all you know.

“Thanks for taking the time and thanks for helping me grow my business. I’ll keep you informed about the success of this client.

Lisa Sissenstein, Rushmore Radio, Rapid City, SD

You need something different than what a CD, workbook or a one-time live seminar can deliver.

  • Effective ways to break writer’s block
  • New ideas for commercials
  • Simple, powerful copywriting techniques

Or...very specific assistance

  • Help in developing a campaign for one of your clients.
  • Answers to a question about radio creative that’s been bugging you.
  • Tweaking of a radio script.
  • Techniques to turn a client’s print campaign into effective radio.

HedStorm Consultations deliver what you need

You need somebody to hold your hand walk you through the process of developing result-getting client campaigns step by step.

You need results. You need answers. You want to be mentored.

But you have a limited budget. You can’t afford to bring someone like me in to meet regularly with your staff and their clients.

Now you can have the advantages of a sort of “personal seminar” custom-tailored for you at a fraction of the expense of bringing me to your location.

Just click here to schedule your HedStorm Consultation. (A one-hour phone consultation with a maximum of 6 people on your end).

“One of the best we’ve worked with!!”

“You have wonderful insight and can provide so much information in such a short amount of time. I really appreciate the specific suggestions and your ability to come up with solutions rather quickly.

“I also appreciate your personality! You make us feel at’re very approachable...and that definitely helps the flow of the conversation go right to the heart of the matter!

“Thanks again for your help, Jeffrey! You’re one of the best we’ve worked with!!”

Misti Headrick, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

What You’ll Get from Your HedStorm Consultation:

I’ll draw on over 30 years of solving creative and production challenges for salespeople, producers, writers and managers. I’ll pack as much of this as is possible into an hour to help you with your challenges.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

  • Together, we arrange an appointment for your HedStorm Consultation.

  • You decide whether you want one, or a money-saving 6 or 12 pack. (If you start with one and upgrade within 10 days to 6 or 12 you can save hundreds of dollars).

  • You can pay by credit card or check, but you won’t be charged until after your consultation.

  • You fill out and send me the advance form.

  • You call and we spend a productive hour together.

  • If you’re satisfied, we’ll charge you. If you’re not...

  • I’ll give you another 30 minutes at no charge focused on the areas that you felt we missed. Again, you must be satisfied.

  • Or I’ll cheerfully not charge your credit card or return your un-cashed check to you.

“I needed to be reminded AGAIN...”

“I just got a fresh perspective on not only the client I wanted to talk about but also some different approaches in different industries. Even though I know story telling is the way to go, I needed to be reminded AGAIN... Now I guess I have to work on storytelling and making it interesting to other people.”

Lisa Skelton, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

Just click here to schedule your HedStorm Consultation. (A one-hour phone consultation with a maximum of 6 people on your end).

Create Powerful Campaigns for the Cost of a Single Commercial

Most importantly, I’ll help your team come up with unique, effective campaigns for their clients at a cost that’s less than hiring me to create and produce a single commercial for you!

Just click here to schedule your HedStorm Consultation. (A one-hour phone consultation with a maximum of 6 people on your end).

“You gave the four of us four great ideas for long-term campaigns. But you could have at least bought the coffee.”

Jeff Fylling, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

Investment for your HedStorm Consultation:

  • One time @ $500
  • Six per year @ $400
  • Twelve per year @ $300

I’ll take all the risk

My Ironclad Guarantee:

If, at the end of our hour together you don’t feel that your HedStorm Consultation was worth every penny, I’ll...

  • Give you another 30 minutes of consulting time at no charge
  • Or I’ll cheerfully NOT charge your credit card or return your un-cashed check to you

Why would an internationally recognized creative consultant offer such a strong guarantee?

I have purely selfish reasons for insisting on being paid only if you’re happy:

  1. My Pride: My clients tell me I have the unique ability to achieve breakthrough results for them. I want o be sure I can do the same for you. In this business, reputation is everything.
  2. Referrals: I figure that if I go the extra mile to make sure you’re thrilled with my work before you pay (and make it right if you aren’t) that you’ll refer others in the business to me. You’ll tell them that I’m someone who can be trusted.
  3. Reality: Frankly, I’m not the right consultant for everyone and not every client is the ideal client for me. If we’re not compatible, I don’t want your money and I want you to feel comfortable dealing with me. I’m willing to risk my time and effort to please you.
  4. Comfort: Doesn’t it cause you to exhale with relief to know that you’re protected? On the off chance I didn’t produce results, you’d still have that money to spend on someone who could, or that you’d be able to get extra time with me to make it right?

What kind of challenges can you get help with? Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • How can you create an effective commercial using your client’s voice?
  • How can you give an over-used spot new life?
  • How can you get the AE’s to collect more relevant information?
  • How can you get the producers to give you more effective spots?
  • How do you create a campaign instead of a single spot?
  • How do you come up with benefits instead of just features?
  • How do you convince conservative clients to do great creative?
  • Can you learn quick ways to break writers block?
  • Can you get your on-air talent to be actors?
  • How can you get the best interviews for spots?
  • What do you do when the client gives you too many features and details to fit in a spot?
  • What do you do when the client has nothing to distinguish themselves from their competitors?
  • How can you write dialogue that works?
  • What makes a good radio "headline?"
  • Where can you get stories for your commercials?
  • What’s the most important question to ask the advertiser?
  • How can you improve this particular spot?
  • How can you make this spot funnier?
  • How can you make this spot get better results?

If even one of these is something you’d like solutions to, let’s talk.

Please call me toll-free at 800-472-6708 to schedule your guaranteed HedStorm Consultation, or click the box below.

“Good, fresh perspective!”

“Hi. I was in the group that asked about mortgage companies. I actually would say that you got me thinking about the strength of a name. I really had only focused on what I didn’t like about Mortgage Express’s slogan (Steaming ahead of the competition). But you gave me good ideas on how to capitalize on the Express aspect.

“I even benefited from listening to you talk about the other rep’s clients. Good, fresh perspective!

“I own your CD, the 60-Second Copywriter... I get a lot out of it... but must admit it’s something I should listen to more frequently. Different clients can benefit at different times.”

John Parks, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

Just click here to schedule your HedStorm Consultation. (A one-hour phone consultation with a maximum of 6 people on your end).

If you’d like to book a session with me, I’d suggest doing it soon. I tend to book 30 days in advance, as my schedule is incredibly busy with consulting, producing and traveling.

Warmest regards,

Jeffrey Hedquist

P.S. Remember: I’m taking all the risk, so you can’t lose. I’m insisting that you evaluate my performance ruthlessly and only pay me if you feel our time together was worth every penny. I won’t charge you until after the call so that you’re sure it was worth it.

You can sign up for a satisfaction-guaranteed HedStorm Consultation with simple credit card billing by clicking the box below.

“Thanks for all the great ideas!! You are truly talented.”

Beth Plessner, Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

Just click here to schedule your HedStorm Consultation. (A one-hour phone consultation with a maximum of 6 people on your end).

Call us at 641-472-6708 or email

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