Seven Success Stories

“If you’re looking for consistently creative and inventive ways of writing radio commercials, there is no comparison to Jeffrey Hedquist. Using humor, theatrical staging, drama, contrasts, sound and silence, Jeffrey has the ability to rivet listeners to messages and compel them to act. His work defines the term “competitive advantage.”
- Jeff Green, former editor, Radio & Records

Here are some samples of our work (Hedquist classics) woven into tales of advertisers, their challenges, and the results we got them.

1. Anderson Elerding - “World’sMost Experienced Traveler”

2. Ascom Hasler - “Life Gets Easier”

3. Newport Creamery - “Breakfasts”

4. O’Charley’s - “Steak”

5. Stamford Downtown Shuttle - “Waltz”

6. Teletrack - “Flamingo Stakes”

7. Wing It - “Boppers”

These are only samples of some of the kinds of radio we do. Many others are available, depending on your project. Ask me. We’d like to create success for you.

“It’s easy to be inexpensive. All it takes is charging less for what you do. But it’s much harder to be inexpensive and good. Hedquist Productions is one of the few production companies I’ve worked with that accomplishes both.


Their production capabilities and voice talent are as good as there are anywhere, but most importantly they pride themselves in their ability to plus a project - something increasingly rare among broadcast production companies of any size, anywhere.


I used to believe that the only place top-quality voice talent and production existed was Los Angeles or New York. Fairfield, Iowa? Well, no. Now I know better.”
- Stacy Hanson, Gustin & Nakamoto Advertising, Reno, NV

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“Your copy and concept, your voice talent, your production prowess, and your wonderful sense of timing and appropriateness all continue to serve us well. More than that, the client is enjoying a record sales year and their stock is reaching new highs on the New York Exchange.”
- Don Reed, Neal & Reed Communications, Nashville, TN

“While the depth of presence may vary with each spot I write, I’m always confident that it’ll show through when I’m working with Hedquist Productions. Maybe that’s because I know the voice talent and production quality will be unfailingly superior. Maybe it’s because Jeffrey and his group are so easy and fun to work with, from casting to engineering to ordering dubs. Or maybe it’s because someone will be sure to ask the right questions about strategy, audience and message, looking for ways to make the spot even better


What’s truly amazing is that all this top-quality, personal service is also so darned affordable. Who’d believe you could get CLIO-/ADDY-/One Show-/ (Your Award Here)-winning radio production in Fairfield, Iowa, where the cost of living probably rivals that of, say, Sri Lanka?


I, for one, am convinced. And to those writers and producers who are not, well. it’s only a matter of time before your competition discovers Hedquist Productions ”
- Bill Johnston, Quantum Creative Services, Kansas City, MO

“Hedquist Productions has become Wright State University’s hidden asset in increasing admissions.


We called on Hedquist Productions to create a radio campaign for us that would cut through the clutter and reach potential applicants.


The Hedquist team wrote the campaign, cast and directed the talent and produced the spots, coordinating with us each step of the way. We’ve we were pleased with the results and we came back to Hedquist again for another series of radio commercials.”
- Ulysses Drinks, Advertising Communications Manager, Wright State University, Dayton, OH

“The work was fabulous! We heard rave reviews from the client as well as shoppers. Obviously, Hedquist hit the mark. We are very anxious to work with them again. They are totally professional and do what they say they are going to do. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to produce effective radio spots!” “
- Kim Hennes, President/Creative Director, Clove Marketing, Wilmington, NC

“By the way, we ALL loved the spots. Thanks to all. Thanks again. Wonderful production!”
- Mark Sorenson, Flynn-Wright, Des Moines, IA

“The success of the fundraiser depended solely on how many softball teams signed up to play in our tournament, and the radio spot you created for us was incredibly effective!


Almost every day I’d get several phone calls at once. When I asked how they heard about the tournament, they’d all say they just heard the spot on the radio and wanted to sign up. It gave me direct proof that people do listen to the radio and that radio advertising works!


It was a nonprofit organization’s dream come true!”
- Elissa Meddin, President, Junior Achievement of the Coastal Empire, inc., Savannah, GA

“Jeffrey Hedquist is one of a rare breed nowadays who truly understands the medium of radio.


Our first project with Hedquist Productions not only resulted in positive brand awareness for our client; it won a Silver Microphone award. I think that says it all.”
-Stephen Metcalf, McCullough Creative Group, Inc., Dubuque, IA

Hedquist Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1475
Fairfield, IA 52556
Call us at 641-472-6708 or email

Call us at 641-472-6708 or email

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