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Jeffrey Hedquist is a member of the Radio Advertising Bureau’s Creative Council and a featured expert on effective commercials. Here are some RAB interviews:

1. Client Challenges 

2. Radio Writers’ Block Busters

3. Keeping It Real 

4. When Good Clients Want Bad Radio 


Articles, reprints, press releases, news and propaganda about the adventures of Hedquist Productions. Click on an image to read the article.

Capital District (New York) Business Review Capital District (New York) Business Review

“Creative Advertising Cuts Through Radio Clutter” is a review of a Jeffrey Hedquist seminar.


Cincinnati Downtowner Cincinnati Downtowner

“Audio ads get results, says Ad Club speaker” quotes Jeffrey on the power of imagination.


Des Moines Register Des Moines Register

“Oh, the voices!” The story of how Jeffrey's voice work expanded into a variety of audio applications.


free-range thinking free-range thinking

“Aiming at Ears to Reach Hearts & Minds” explains how non-profit organizations can best create and use radio.


The Iowa Source The Iowa Source

“21st Century Storyteller” details our unique approach to storytelling.


The New York Times The New York Times

“Who Says Talk Is Cheap: What Is the Sound of One Voice-Over Actor Yapping?” is an article on some of top voices in the country including Jeffrey Hedquist.


New York Market Radio Update New York Market Radio Update

“Does Radio Have to Scream ‘40% Off!’? The Answer is No!” Radio advice for retailers from our seminar at the Retail Advertising Conference.


Radio And Production Radio And Production

“Interview: Jeffrey Hedquist” The story of Hedquist Productions: “Who Says a Town of 10,000 Can't Support a major International Production House”

An interview with Jeffrey Hedquist is lively, informative and fun. He's a sought-after expert with extensive experience and insights in the following areas:

  • Radio commercials
  • Breaking writer’s block
  • Audio theatre
  • Storytelling for marketing, advertising and management
  • Seminars on radio and TV commercial creation and production
  • Improv for writers, teachers and managers
  • Using audio in direct marketing
  • Audiobooks
  • Humor

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Call us at 641-472-6708 or email jeffrey@hedquist.com.

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